Smiles Drug Deaths


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September 21, 2012: Smiles suspected in the Johnny Lewis murder of his landlady and subsequent death by falling or jumping off a roof.
Teen charged with murder in overdose death of friend.


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How many people have died from using the Smiles Drug?

Overdose and injury reports related to Smiles (2C-I) drug.

Reports of overdose deaths from "Smiles" (2C-I) which is a designer drug, have been increasing, as well as reports of death from the use of the drug either due to automobile impairment and actions taken while high on the drug itself. People under the influence of this powerful substance may have severe hallucinations and psychotic behaviors that can lead to death. Therefore, many deaths may be related to "Smiles" but attributed to other behaviors, especially given that a reliable drug test for the substance is not available. Similarly, an overdose or criminal act related to Smiles might get categorized as Bath Salts, Alcohol, or any other identifiable drug in the perpetrator's system at the time.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: The best way not to die from using a drug is not to take it. You have no idea what's in the container. For people who are addicted to the drug, or may be under its influence, it may make sense to seek out detox or residential treatment centers that can handle the dangerous behaviors associated with this drug, which can last for several days.