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May 29, 2013:
Difficulties arise in detox, rehab, and drug treatment for 2C-I (Smiles) owing to long lasting effects and changing chemical makeup of the drug itself. Treatment options for MDMA and Methamphetamine are examined, but detox for these substances may be ineffective.


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Many rehab and detox clinics take credit cards, but the high cost of treatment means that these medical professionals may be losing margins to high fees associated with card acceptance. Inpatient and Residential drug treatment centers looking to save on credit card processing can look to new processors for services designed to cut costs.

What are the effects of the 2C-I "Smiles" drug?

New Drug Taking Place of Bath Salts, Spice, Alcohol, Banana Peels, Toads. Detox and treatment centers flummoxed by rising popularity of dangerous drug.

The 2C-I drug shows the resilience of chemists who have seen their creations like Bath Salts and Spice outlawed by authorities frightened by the zombie actions of people who took those drugs. 2C-I, also called "Smiles," is the latest substance to gain media publicity for its apparently incredible effects including hallucinations that last several days. According to sources, the effects are like a combination of MDMA and LSD but more intense and lasting up to several days. Derivatives of the drug are also blamed for deaths. One notable feature of 2C-I which is not present in other drug types is that it can also be pressed into a tablet form. Furthermore, the drug itself may be used as a counterfeit of mescaline since it is cheaper and easier to procure.

Some of the side effects of 2C-I include muscle tension, nausea, vomiting, dialated pupils, high energy, and muscle relaxion (apparently you get tension or relaxion). Wikipedia also adds that people like to listen to music under the influence of this drug, which is not shocking since music has been a part and parcel of all kinds of drug use since prehistoric times. While 2C-I is listed as an illegal schedule 1 narcotic, there are of course derivatives out there that might skirt the law.

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Special note: How is it that warnings about drugs end up sounding more like advertisements? To a teenager, the promise of a longer lasting, more powerful high at a lower price sounds like a pretty good deal. Meanwhile, prescription drug advertisements sound more like dire warnings about all the horrible stuff that will happen to you if you use them.